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Minimize Letter of Credit Specialist

Letter of Credit Specialist

Leapfrog Documents is proud to be a leap ahead of the competition in creating a true partnership with the exporter, the transportation/service company(s) and the negotiating bank to form one of the most complete letter of credit services available. Leapfrog will coordinate with the necessary parties to prepare acurate and timely letter of credit documentation to meet the requirements of the US and foreign bank for prompt payment while also making sure the foreign import customs document requirements are met for quick clearance of goods upon arrival of your cargo.

Letters of Credit and the Exporter:   Leapfrog Documents would love the opportunity to review your letter of credit situation and offer a quotation for us to assist in removing your letter of credit worries.   With our trained and qualified staff Leapfrog Documents will show your organization how to handle letters of credits in a whole new way.   You will have a clear understanding of how to structure letters of credits where they meet the needs of both the seller and the buyer.  How to use letter of credits as the useful financial tool that they are and how to understand and negotiate the banking fees to plan your sales orders for profit.

Letters of Credit and the Transportation Company:  Let Leapfrog Document Services be a member of your staff.  With our 18+ years of forwarding and documentation experience we are able to integrate with your export department to form a seamless partnership offering document freedom for you and your team.   We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and document preparation services that allow the transportation company to focus on transportation and not timely document requirements.

Minimize Direct Collections

Direct Collections

Direct collections , cash against documents or acceptance to pay upon receipt of documents is more than typing a draft it is a payment tool. A tool that can easily be forgotten and if not monitored can extend payment of the goods long past the seller's expectations.  Leapfrog Documents will not only  prepare the draft , we will coordinate document and freight release with the transportation company , submit the draft to the proper US or foreign bank and monitor that the funds are received in the seller's account as per the terms of the order.

Minimize Export Documentation


Export Documentation

Leapfrog Documents has an extensive knowledge of exporting and a true understanding of the importance of timely and accurate documentation.   Leapfrog’s staff is trained on the import requirements of foreign countries so that our documents assist in easing the import process not stalling it.   Allow Leapfrog Documents an opportunity to review your export document needs and competitive and cost effective solution.   We prepare commercial invoices, packing list, certificates of origin, NAFTA documents, certifications and have the flexibility to meet many more of your export document needs.





Minimize Consular Services / Legalization

Consular Services / Legalization

Leapfrog Document Services can offer consular and legalization services for all of your document needs.  The following countries may require legalization based on the commodity or importer requirements.   Send your notification of legalization services required and/or cost request to documents@leapfrogdocs.com.  Please make sure to include country of destination and value of your shipment.

Countries that require consular services / legalization: 



Costa Rica














Saudi Arabia






                     U . A . E                                                   


Minimize Chamber and Notary Services

Chamber and Notary Services

Leapfrog Documents is able to offer Chamber of Commerce and Notary Services at any Leapfrog Documents location.  Contact us today to arrange for services.

Minimize Training and Conulting Services

Training and Consulting Services

Let us train your staff to handle letter credits more smoothly and cost effectively. Allow us to review your current documentation situation and consult you on  effective solutions to meet your company needs.  Let us be your true document partner.

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